How Important Is Video Marketing For Your Business

Videos have emerged as a powerful marketing tool, for their impacts are faster than any other means on people.Read here how important video marketing is for your business.

3 Ways Video Editing Raises the Quality of Your Video


An integral part of today’s modern marketing is via video content; if you aren’t distributing videos already, you’re probably missing out on potential customers. Your video content must offer value for your viewer because only that compels, converts. But is it just any video? Unfortunately not, the audience is quick to discard videos that:

1. Are not creative

Ideally, you have only the first five seconds to capture the attention of your audience and to keep your audience hooked until the very end; your content must be enjoyable. It should either include something funny or emotional or both for the audience to relate to what they are watching.

2. Lack of picture quality

If your videos aren’t professionally produced and edited, the chances are that no one will want to watch them. If you want to start producing, you’re going to need a camera, a tripod, and some good lighting.

Video editing is the more technical aspect, which is much more time-consuming than the video itself. You might want to outsource this to a video editing company for some stunning results.

3. Don’t include text overlays

Did you know that 85 percent of videos on Facebook are watched without any sound? Captions tend to increase a video’s view time by 12 percent, so what you need is a combination of visual and textual elements.

Video editing

The three main selling points of video marketing are increased conversion rates, the ability to personalize, and superior reach. Here are 3 benefits of quality video editing for marketing:

1. Captures the attention

If you want to keep the love coming, you’re going to have to hire professionals for a high-quality video that keeps the visual and textual elements intact. Vlogs, BTS, interviews, webinars, events, presentations, tutorials, product reviews, testimonials, animation, and live streaming rank among the most engaging video content types people love watching.

Well-edited videos are going to put your videos on top of social search engines, automatically optimizing your business to a much larger audience.

2. Send out a clear message

There’s a reason why movie editors are able to win the Oscars; it’s because their message doesn’t get lost amid the awkward transitions and long pauses.

Furthermore, video marketing can help you establish authority in your niche over your competitors.

3. Saves you time

Video editing services help you enhance the picture quality, minus the effort. When you outsource video editing, you save a whole lot of time that you would otherwise have to spend mixing sound, trimming and arranging the clips, and adding other visual elements.

Professionals do it better because they remain updated with the latest trends that a layperson may not know of, so you can rest assured of an excellent outcome.

Now that you know that digital video editing is essential for your business and it’s here to stay, you’re going to need Final Cut Media, a video editing and production company in Charlotte, NC. We also offer aerial, headshot, and real estate photography services.


3 Types of Content for Educating Your Employees

Employees in a training session

No matter which industry your company belongs to, your employees need continued training and development. As your business evolves, moves into new markets, and launches new products, your employees should be equipped with the knowledge they need to perform well in every new situation.

Training is also an essential component of onboarding. Any time your company brings on a new employee, they will require a substantial amount of learning and familiarization. Without this key step, a new employee cannot deliver the results you expect or perform well for your company.

While we’ve moved on from printed and bound training manuals as things are digitized now for convenience, it’s worth mentioning that a text-based training manual is but one part of the training process as a whole. There are different types of content that also play an effective role, some of which are discussed below:

1. Photos

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and that saying is true in the workplace too. Before your employees are to start working with a new piece of equipment or new machinery, detailed photos of the same should be used to familiarize and train them. This should take place before they even participate in practical, hands-on training.

2. Graphics

Incorporating graphics into your training materials can boost the effectiveness of your training process. However, it’s important to use pertinent graphics only. Irrelevant graphics that aren’t closely linked to the material, or don’t have much to do with your company or brand, can distract employees and hinder their learning.

3. Videos

The most commonly used tool for learning and development, by far, is the training video. It holds that distinction for several good reasons. If you’ve ever heard the popular line “Who needs to read the book when I can just watch the movie?”, and we’re willing to bet you have, then you know what we’re talking about.

People find it easier to engage with videos than they do with booklets or other training material. Not everyone can rely on an active imagination, and your training materials should be designed to be as accessible as possible.

Various diverse styles exist – such as live-action, animation or even stop-motion – and depending on your industry, you can leverage any of them to enhance your training process. Whichever style you choose, training videos make learning enjoyable.

However, to craft a training video that’s comprehensive yet engaging, you need top-of-the-line planning, scripting, filming and editing. This is where a professional video production company can be invaluable.

Colleagues watching a training video

Since we started our operations in 2008, our team of experts has been creating training videos to help companies of all sizes deliver training par excellence. Our process starts with in-depth discussions with you, followed by scripting, shooting, editing and voiceovers & background music. You can rest easy knowing you’ll get an outstanding product every time.

Beyond creating training videos, we provide corporate video production in Charlotte and over 30 cities in North Carolina. Our offerings range from social media marketing and automotive commercial production to TV commercial production and video editing services.

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How Real Estate Companies Can Benefit from Photo and Video Production

A beige colored house and its lawns Gone are the days when people would look at local property listings, make a list of nearby homes available for sale, and then spend the weekend visiting and inspecting each one. Now, all you need to do is pull out your phone, open up an app or two, and you can have dozens of local listings in the palm of your hand within seconds. A lot of this change can be credited to the coronavirus pandemic, which upended traditional business models and changed many industries for good. However, a lot also has to do with technology and innovation combining to offer us convenience. Additionally, many people are now working multiple jobs and juggling a range of responsibilities. While they might be high on technology, they’re low on time. This is where professional photography intersects with the modern-day real estate industry. If you’re in the real estate business, here’s how investing in photo and video production services can help you:

1. Increase Your Prominence

It’s time to accept that our attention spans aren’t what they used to be. Whatever people want, they want right now. The same principle also applies to real estate. When your listings show up on an app, they’re competing for attention with hundreds of other, often similar properties. If what you’ve got to offer fails to retain people’s attention, they’re just a scroll away from potentially going to your competition. Crisp, high quality photos and videos are the easiest way to pique buyers’ interest.

2. Boost Your Business

Sure, professional photography is great for attracting buyers, but that’s not all it’s good for. When sellers see the investment and effort you’re making into presenting your listings beautifully, they’re more likely to come to you with their properties too. They wouldn’t go to an agent who, for example, shares 5 poorly-lit cell phone pics for every home they bring to the market.

3. Reduce Your Workload

You might be a good photographer yourself, maybe even a great one, but remember that your work is that of a real estate agent. Professional photographers study, practice and hone their craft over many years. You wouldn’t expect a photographer to sell a house just because they’re good with sales, would you? Bringing in professionals to handle photos and videos for your properties reduces your work and lets you focus on your job, instead of having to do everything yourself.

What Are You Waiting For?

Now that you know professional photos and videos are good for you, good for your business and good for your clients, start incorporating them into your work. A man photographing a home’s interior Since 2008, our team of expert photographers, videographers and drone pilots have provided unrivaled real estate photography and videography services to clients in Charlotte and over 30 cities in North Carolina. We also offer social media marketing, film production, automotive commercial production and video editing services. Get in touch with the most reliable video production company in Charlotte and elevate your real estate business today.

Why You Need A Professional Photographer for Event Photography

 Event photography in Charlotte, NC

From office parties to birthday celebrations at home to intimate family reunions, any event requires a number of things for it to run smoothly and successfully. There’s a lot of effort involved and a lot of cooperation with different people.

Once an event gets going, though, it’s time to document it thoroughly so that it becomes a source of beautiful memories even many years later. Which is what brings us to photography. A lot of hosts, particularly when it comes to family events, make the mistake of trying to save some money by hiring an amateur photographer for cheap. Typically, this is the neighbor’s kid or some relative’s best friend with a few thousand followers on Instagram.

There’s more to successful event photography, however, than just snapping away with your iPhone. Professional photographers, through their work, can make people relive the event and recall every detail vividly.

Here’s why you need to hire a professional for photographing your next event:

1. The Equipment They Have

Without professional, high-quality camera equipment, you can forget about receiving memorable photos and videos to remember the event by. A professional photographer not only has the right equipment for the job, they also know how and when to deploy it.

2. The Interaction with Guests

A professional photographer won’t just stay rooted to one spot throughout the duration of the event. They’ll go around the room, interact with the guests and get them to loosen up and strike a fun pose. Professional photographers know just the tricks to bring out the best in people for the camera.

3. The Attention to Detail

Professional photographers know there’s more to capturing a classic photograph than just the subject. They pay attention to all the elements of the room, such as lighting, décor and color, then work them into their shots for stunning results. Professional photographers know how to capitalize on what’s in the background of a photo.

4. The Knowledge and Experience

Professional photographers aren’t just students of their craft, which they constantly develop through learning and experience. They also keenly observe human behavior and movements. When a professional photographer is working on your event, you can be sure that they’re keeping an eye on everyone and everything to make sure that you receive impressive, beautiful photographs.

5. The Retouching and Editing

Even when your event is over, the work of a professional photographer is only halfway done. They have access to the most sophisticated software and applications, and they use them to your advantage. From minor corrections such as brightness and contrast, to more substantial editing such as noise removal and skin tone adjustment, a professional photographer will spend time on each photo and video clip to get them just right before delivering them to you.

Video production in Charlotte

For over 12 years, our crew of expert photographers and videographers has provided unparalleled event photography services to clients in Charlotte and more than 30 cities in North Carolina. Our offerings range from corporate video production and film production services to TV commercial production and video editing services.

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