Powerful Reasons You Need To Use Video Marketing

Video Marketing

There are many different marketing tools and strategies that small and large businesses are adopting. However, only a few realize the true potential of using video marketing to promote their content. This blog post will share some reasons why you need to start using video marketing.

Greater Outreach

According to some studies, 74% of people are more likely to buy your product or services if they watch a video about it. Do you know why? It’s because our brains are wired to be more attracted to visual content. We’re more likely to be influenced by what we see than what we read. Just like pictures, videos also play a vital role in boosting the engagement of your marketing content.

Return of Investment

83% of businesses accept that they’ve always received a good return of investment whenever they’ve invested in video marketing. However, research also shows that people can be put off by poor quality videos, and hence it’s extremely important to do video marketing in the right manner.

Trust Building

As humans, we are more likely to trust what we see than what we read. If we see something happening, it can have a greater impact on us. Similarly, videos can play a vital role in promoting a brand story and helping people associate themselves with a brand. The stats reveal that 57% of consumers agree that watching a video about any product or service inclines them more to buy something or at least inquire more about the product. s

Google Algorithms Promote Videos

Do you know that you’re 53 times more likely to show up higher in google ranking if you’ve video content on your website? Moreover, Google also owns YouTube, and hence it’s more likely to promote the businesses who have videos on their website or a YouTube channel where they post videos regularly.

It’s Easy to Post Videos

Once you’ve quality video content available, it doesn’t take much to upload them to various platforms. Besides uploading videos to your website and YouTube, you can also post them on Facebook and other platforms. Similarly, you can post parts of your videos on Instagram as stories to attract more users.

Professional Video Services

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Unbeatable Advantages of Facebook Marketing

Advantages of Facebook Marketing

Facebook is one of the leading social media platforms that almost everyone is using around the world. Today, people are using Facebook for much more than interacting with each other. In this blog post, we’ll discuss some unbeatable advantages of using Facebook for social media marketing.

Greater Outreach

Do you know that Facebook has more than 2.6 billion users worldwide? No other social media platform has as many people as Facebook, and you’ll find people from all sorts of backgrounds here. Since 62% of users are between the ages 18 and 34 years old, you can easily find potential customers for your products and services.

Presence of B2C & B2B Businesses

Facebook is an ideal platform for both B2C and B2B businesses. Many business owners and their employees are using Facebook in search of potential employees, as well as service providers who can benefit their business. Stats show that business decision-makers spend 74% more time on Facebook than any other platform.

It’s Free to Use

The best part about using Facebook for marketing is that you don’t have to pay any additional charges. Of course, you can pay to promote your content, but if you already have a good following once, you won’t have to spend much in promoting your content. On Facebook, it takes seconds for content to go viral once people like it.

You Can Post Different Types of Content

Facebook doesn’t have many restrictions when it comes to posting your marketing content. As far as your posts do not violate the ethical guidelines provided by Facebook, you’re good to go. You can share articles, post stories, make videos, and do much more to promote your business. You can also benefit from Facebook’s sponsored storiesvideo adscarousel ads, and much more to attract your customers.

Your Customers Can Easily Reach Out to You

Unlike other platforms, Facebook allows your customers to reach out to you in your inbox and inquire more about your services. You can also respond to them using automated messages or use the Call to Action buttons to encourage them to visit your website.

Final Cut Multimedia is a professional media production company based in North Carolina. We are experienced in helping our clients with photography, videography, animation, and many other digital services. We’ve been helping clients from different industries for the past 12 years, and you can reach out to us to find out more about our services.

Personalized Videos: An Effective Way to Raise Response Rates?

Many small and large businesses realize the importance of creating personalized content to promote their business. Apart from sending personalized messages to their clients, they are also creating personalized videos to engage with customers and narrate their brand story. In this blog post, we will discuss how personalized videos can increase response rates.

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Why is Personalized Content Important?

Successful business owners know the importance of creating personalized content. Today, most customers are skeptical of businesses and aren’t easily influenced by advertisements. Apart from mainstream marketing strategies, you need something that appeals to your potential clients at a more personal level. Your personalized content should appeal to emotions and make them feel understood. The stats also suggest that most consumers are likely to value a brand with which they can associate. Personalized content is the most effective way to do this.

Why Should You Make Personalized Videos?

While personalized emails and messages can also help, there is something special about personalized videos. Videos have a greater influencing power can result in a much greater response rate. Videos are better than other forms of communication because there is an emotional aspect to them and allow you to engage with your client in much better ways. The stats also suggest that personalized video messages have a much better conversion rate and help brands in increasing their customer loyalty.

Some Valuable Insights

Data shows that brands that use personalized videos are able to influence more customers because people don’t like to spend their time read their blogs or emails. It’s easier for business owners too to convey their message through videos. Instead of hiring so many writers, they can simply record a personalized message and get it improved from a professional video editing service. When a video is coming from the business owner themselves, or any brand ambassador such as a famous celebrity record a video message for them, it’s more likely to be appreciated.

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3 Reasons Video Is Crucial To Your Marketing Strategy


Since the outbreak of the pandemic, businesses have started focusing more on their digital marketing strategies. While most companies are relying on blogs and articles, those who are using video marketing are getting much better results. In this blog post, we will explain why video marketing is a highly effective marketing strategy.

Greater Influence on People

Research clearly shows that videos have a greater influence on people, and 74% of people are more likely to invest in something that they see. As humans, we tend to value visual content more than written content. In fact, our brains are able to memorize easily whatever we see with our eyes. If you can create quality videos to market your business model, your chances of attracting potential clients significantly increase.

Higher Conversion Rates

Businesses that invest in creating video content are more likely to get a greater return on investment. The money that they invest in making videos or hiring video professionals pays them back soon with greater conversion rates. However, poor-quality videos can seriously damage your reputation, so make sure you are producing quality content.

Customer Trust

When consumers watch videos, they are more likely to understand your business. Similarly, if you’re creating personalized content relevant to the needs of your customers, it can make your customers feel heard and understood. Once your customers start relating with your brand story, they are more likely to not only buy your services but also promote your brand.

Videos Perform Better on Google Algorithms

Experts explain that the Google algorithms are designed in such a way that they are more likely to promote video content than other types of marketing content. Your marketing videos have a greater chance of appearing in top results than your blogs. Since only a few businesses are adopting video marketing, your chances of finding new clients also increase.

Easy and Affordable

It’s such a hassle to create marketing blogs and articles. You need professional writers, editors, and much more. Despite all that, the results aren’t that great compared to video marketing. The latter is not only easy to produce but also easy to share on different platforms. You can easily post your videos on social media platforms and watch them as they go viral.

Professional Video Services

At Final Cut Multimedia, we provide professional media production services in North Carolina. We have been helping our clients with photography, videography, animation, and many other digital services. Contact us to learn more about our services.