What Are The Different Types Of Headshot Photography?

Headshot photography is in demand due to its commercial value. It is a commercial photo that people can use for marketing and branding. And it is useful for everyone from professionals to actors and models to corporates.

In a headshot, you get a clear image of the upper body from head to shoulders. But this image should be well-lit so that the person in the photo is seen in his/her real skin tone and color.

Let’s discuss types of headshots in detail


A professional like a doctor, social media influencer, attorney, consultant, technician, plumber, electrician, or anyone who practices a profession can take advantage of a headshot that the person can use on his/her business card, post on his/her website, and mount the photo on a prominent wall from where it becomes clearly visible to visitors.


Actors use their headshots as their resumes as they are hired on the basis of their photographs. They need clear shots of their faces so that the producers or production houses could see their facial expressions and features. And it is only with professional photography in Charlotte NC that actors can show their real colors and expressions.


Just like actors, models also need clear headshots to get work. They have beautiful faces but their faces are highlighted only in photographs. They can’t look perfect all the day but they can click photos in which they look perfect. And it won’t be an exaggeration to say that their selection depends on their photographs.


Headshot photography is becoming more and more popular among corporates and real estate agents that need their photos for business cards to brochures. In corporate and real estate, the head of a unit can be used as a brand ambassador. It is especially true in real estate where agents make use of their personal image.

Tips for taking a great headshot

Plan ahead: If you are taking photo for business branding then you should consider factors like color used in business logo, nature of business such as natural products to create the right background, and the right mood to bring the natural expression on face. And you need time to prepare your client.

Give encouragement: Encourage your client to look natural and reveal his/her true colors for photography in Charlotte NC. You should help the client feel comfortable so that the person can give the best headshot.

Nothing flashy: In headshot, the focus remains on the person and not on his/her clothes. So, you should ask your client to go simple instead of wearing colorful dresses that could distract the attention of the viewers.

Play with poses: Try different poses to get the best headshot photography. For example, you can ask for a head tilt or a chin forward to get a best pose.

What Could A Video Production Company Do For Your Business?

A video production company in Mooresville NC could become your partner in marketing and branding by providing commercial videos highlighting your business. And a short commercial video can do wonders for your business.

Here’re the advantages of commercial videos

1. Highlight your business
If you are of the opinion that the videos will educate people about the business process then you are wrong. Nobody is interested in going through your business process but they are interested in knowing about the advantages of your business. A commercial video can explain the things you can do for your clients.

2. Call-to-action
A video production company in Mooresville NC will include a call-to-action and give force on that action to encourage the viewers to take that specific action. The call-to-action would be so included that it will look like a part of the video instead of something forcefully inserted in the content. 

3. Reasons to take action
Just giving a call-to-action isn’t sufficient to encourage the audiences that could get distracted by an incoming call or message. The company will give convincing reasons to take that action. Advantage of giving reasons is that the viewers will stay connected to the action for a long time. 

4. Win confidence
A video production company in Mooresville NC will help in winning confidence of the targeted clients. It will improve communication with clients and try answering all their queries in the content. Also, it will create eagerness in the viewers so that they look for more information about your business.

5. Entertainment
Commercial videos could be entertaining as well. For example, you can describe benefits of your business in such a way that it makes the viewers smile. You can connect your services to common problems of life or with environmental issues to show your concern for the environment. 

Advantages of commercial videos

1. Accessible


It is the biggest advantage of commercial videos over regular newspaper advertisements. A video can be viewed and shared on the web and it can be accessed through any Interned enabled device like Smartphones but print ads can’t. And a video production company in Mooresville NC can help in making your video viral.


2. Flexibility


Video content gives immense flexibility of adding, updating, and even deleting the content. Also, you can increase or decrease the length of the video according to your needs. For example, you can make shorter videos for social media and longer videos for YouTube and other video sharing platforms.


3. More value for money

A video production company in Mooresville NC can give more value for your advertising money. It will create the video that works and it can update the content with more information according to your needs.