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Before diving into five expert tips for producing high-quality motion graphics, let’s first understand motion graphics.

To put it simply, motion graphics are a form of animation. The animation’s primary purpose is to communicate an idea with the viewer. To successfully get the idea across, voiceovers, animated footage, and dynamic text are used.

A well-produced motion graphic animation can quickly and cleanly explain complex topics with ease. To do this, however, you must be proficient in motion graphic animation, and that is why this article will share 5 expert tips for success in motion graphics with you!

To do any task well, you must first start from the basics. For example, to become good at math, you cannot begin with calculus. Instead, you need to build your way up from the fundamentals. Motion graphic animation is no different.

You must be comfortable with the software you are using; the hotkeys, the features, and the known limitations are all things you must be aware of. The best way to do this is by accessing tutorials and practicing away until you have a strong command over the basics.

Any professional has one goal; satisfy your client. As a motion graphic animator, your job is no different. However, the thing about animation is that once it has been created, it is very time-consuming and expensive to change.

This is where the second tip becomes relevant. You should ensure that you have a detailed conversation with your client and know what they want. It is crucial that every detail is planned out and discussed so that the client receives the work precisely as desired.

Your job as a motion graphic animator is producing work that is simple, clear, and concise. To do this, you must remember to keep restraint when animating. Adding too many loud noises or saturated colors can take away from the overall quality of your animation.

Remember, we want the viewers to focus on the message of the animation. Hence, do not add anything that will be too distracting for the viewer.

Many of us have lost work because of a program crashing or a sudden power outage. The animation is a task that takes a lot of time and effort; hence losing your work can be disastrous.

The advice is simple, save your work every step of the way. Not just this, make back-ups of your files in case of a data loss and save the different presets and templates you often use for animation. Better safe than sorry!

Motion graphic animation is an extremely dynamic field. New trends, animation styles, and customer requirements are always coming in and out of fashion. To keep up, your skills must not stagnate. They need to be ever-improving.

Watch online tutorials, learn from colleagues, or experiment with new styles yourself once in a while. All this will ensure that you stay sharp and are ahead of the curve as an animator!

When you incorporate all these tips into your work as a motion graphic animator, we do not doubt that your career in this ever-evolving field will prove fruitful!

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