Aerial Photography in Charlotte, NC

Drone photography is changing how we view the world around us. High-quality images taken hundreds of feet up in the air prove themselves to have many practical and artistic uses.

We are Final Cut multimedia, and our job is to bring you the best aerial photography in the state of North Carolina. Based in Charlotte, our expert team of drone pilots and editors bring you an incomparable service!

Our drones can fly, hover, and even follow objects! Using these features, we can capture almost anything on camera. The result is always elegant and graceful thanks to the unique look of aerial footage!

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Why go for aerial photography?

In a world where everyone has seen everything, be the one to stand out by showing your audience something new!

As a business, show yourself to be a modern company with professional resources with aerial shots. Film a corporate video with aerial pictures to lend a high end aesthetic to it.

Inspect buildings, rooftops, construction sites with comprehensive photographs not possible with traditional cameras. Need 2D or 3D street mapping? No problem!

That’s not all! Using drone technology, you can bring more excitement to family get-togethers. These air-borne cameras will take pictures from multiple angles to capture the atmosphere.

Our drone services here in Charlotte, NC, are capable of rising to any occasion. Whether you need attractive marketing images or aerial shots for a new advertisement, we have you covered!

Why choose us?

All our drone pilots have the necessary flying expertise and certifications to take your shots in Charlotte, NC.

Without the right skills, your aerial pictures will fail to captivate your audience. In other cases, you’ll be left with a hefty bill on your hands with images that don’t show you what you asked for.

Here at FC Multimedia, we do things differently!

We provide a no-fuss service that delivers your product in time and requires minimal overhead after the aerial photography is planned.

Competing with the best drone services in Charlotte, you’ll get what you pay for. We are fully equipped with different kinds of drones so that you choose one appropriate to your project requirement!

Furthermore, our editors will ensure that your shots are picture perfect and fit for use in your project. We deliver finalized photographs so that you don’t have to be bothered with repeat revisions!

The bottom line

We guarantee quality and commitment. Reach new heights with our drone services!