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How do we know if a product we’re about to buy is reliable? We turn to the internet. Nowadays, online strangers seem more trustworthy than companies. Customer reviews, recommendations, and testimonials heavily influence our decision to buy something.

A new trend has surfaced that has proved very useful: testimonial videos. They are some of the most valuable pieces of marketing content around. Testimonials give your business reliability and are helpful for potential clients who may be considering your products or services.

It is a video of a customer or client praising a company for their products or services. They might discuss how they use the product or service and what they like about the company.

Hearing from a fellow consumer makes a big difference. A psychological phenomenon, ‘social proof,’ can be used here. The idea states that consumers will adapt their behavior according to what other people are doing. In easier words, to follow the herd.

With a testimonial, when you show one person that another found success with your company, the first person is likely to assume that they’ll experience success as well. Social proof is a key force in attracting clients.

Many factors go into making a great testimonial video, but an exciting story delivered by a relatable customer is the most important. Rounding up potential clients through an emotional connection leads to the clients trusting the business.

Video testimonials are very useful marketing pieces. They offer all you need for excellent marketing: they tell a story, make an emotional connection, show the benefits of your product or service, and answer potential customers’ questions.

There are a lot of requirements; preparing, filming, editing. And not to mention the cost and equipment needed to create this video, much of the work is on yourself; it requires a lot of effort.

To create a great testimonial video, choose Final Cut Media to produce it. They are a media company based in Charlotte, North Carolina. With the best equipment and affordable deals, they cater to your instructions and will make you the best testimonial video in Charlotte, NC!

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