Explainer Videos in Charlotte NC

Here’s where you stand: you have your groundbreaking product, but you’re looking to attract customers. The reason why some brands sell more than others is that they create high-quality explainer videos.  Why is this? And how can we help with your sales? Find out below.

Full Cut Multimedia is a group of expert video producers based in Charlotte, North Carolina. We are the best in the business when it comes to creating top-notch explainer videos.

What are explainer videos?

They are high quality, well-edited videos that businesses around the world use to provide information about their product in a compelling manner.

Compared to an advertisement, they delve into the workings of your product or service and therefore make your service relevant to your potential customers. They have a strong call to action that attracts clients.

Whiteboard Animation

You need to make your product relevant in the marketplace. Every explainer video leverages on the following format to attract customers:

  • What: What is the audience’s problem

  • How: How does your service or product solve it

  • Why: Why should the viewer chose you

Pulling this off requires not only expert scripting but also high-quality editing software manned by experts. We provide the perfect solution here at FC Multimedia to get your next explainer video delivered without the headache.

Here are some benefits to investing in an good quality video:

  • Give your company a professional outlook

  • Give the audience actual snippets of your product or service’s UI

  • Prove how what you offer is more attractive than your competitors.

Let’s see how we can help boil all these objectives down in a short explainer video for you.

Why professional help is a good idea for this project

Outsourcing your work to a dedicated company like us provides you with the following benefits:

  • Editors with years of experience to give you seamless cuts and animations

  • Industry-grade software for production

  • Scripting help from our experts

  • Guaranteed deadlines for your deliverables

  • You don’t have to be involved in the process continually

Full Cut Multimedia provides the perfect platform to cater to your needs. Our videographers are equipped with the camera equipment if you are looking to create an explainer video about a physical product.

Competing with the best video tutorial productions in Charlotte, NC, here’s a rundown of our service process:

At FC Multimedia, you come first. Before even the first production plan is laid out, we discuss how you want to engage your viewers and what your purpose is.

We proceed with scripting your video and storyboarding. We incorporate voiceovers and then create your video for you, hassle-free.

At Final Cut Multimedia, you get a cut that is complete. Time is money, and we understand that better than anyone in the business.



With years of experience and innumerous projects in NC, our experts would love to cater to your business and produce an explainer video that does it justice!