Being able to share a funeral or memorial service with someone who was not able to attend is special.

Our experience allows us to capture not only the service, but the atmosphere of the day -from the flowers, people arriving, hugs, and emotions to truly capture the day.

We film the service, Clergy permitting. We also film the floral tributes, eulogies and speeches we also discreetly film what is going on after the service or interment at your request.

We also like to be able to insert relative and special photos and even video or cine footage to retain visual interest during speeches and eulogies.

There are some things that will help us in providing the appropriate coverage and edit:

We request some indication of the style of background music. We of course take clues from the music played at the ceremony and gathering.

We also like still photos to use as part of the introduction to the DVD. If you would like a short slide show of pho-tos (up to 20) we can add those at the beginning or the end of the DVD. these can be emailed to us.

The basic format of the DVD is usually; an image or images of meaningful items relating to the deceased, still pho-tos and then the location of the ceremony/Church/Funeral premises. Then the DVD tastefully merges into the funeral as it progresses. Starting with arrival of attendees, taking account of all speeches and eulogies.We are there to record the images discreetly as possible.

We only use full professional broadcast cameras to film your special day, which means we do not have to be too close to your guests and they will feel more comfortable with us around as we will not be filming to close to them.

Please indicate if this is how you would like the funeral filmed or any particular suggestions that you would like.

We can film the service as well as internment and the gathering afterwards. It is up to you.

We film on an hourly basis and the edit is based on the expected length of the DVD.