Why do you need green-screen services?

The green-screen has been a standard piece of equipment in video-streaming and production for decades. When using green-screens, the background of a stream or video can be transformed into anything. We hence bring all your ideas to the screen.

Green-screens are particularly useful for the filming of movies, weather updates, or sports shows. Whether it be a baseball scorecard or a scene of the jungle, bring it to life via a green-screen.

We provide this service for you to enhance communication with clients as well as management within your organization. When using green-screens, messages are more attention-grabbing and likely to stick in the mind of the reader.

Furthermore, you can use a green-screen to tell stories, present ideas, and provide a backdrop to your announcements. This is certain to add flair and professional touch to all your projects. Using a green screen, we can breathe life into any concept that you may have!

Why pick us?

 At Final Cut Multimedia, you get a cut that is complete. Time is money, and we understand that better than anyone in the business.

You want a no-fuss service that delivers your product in time and requires minimal overhead after the work begins.

 Our services will follow precisely that equation!

 We have the best-in-class production team ready to manage our equipment. Final Cut Multimedia possesses critical qualities such as skills in light management, studio know-how, and post-production, the best in Charlotte, NC.

 Our crew works with you to meet deadlines and uphold quality. As our customer, your requirements are the key consideration, and communication is always maintained.


When it comes to us, no idea is too ambitious, and every possibility can be pursued! By going for our services, you ensure that your audience pays attention and that your message gets out there!Partner with us! Charlotte’s premiere Green screen providers.