Are you an amateur photographer looking to get into the real estate business? If so, you’ve stumbled upon just the right article.

The real estate business is rapidly switching to the use of videography to advertise their locations. This means there’s a lot of money and opportunity for you in this profession!

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Before you head out looking for real estate companies to work for, here are some basics you’ll need to have access to.

Videography equipment

First things first, get started with the standard photography tools. The three things to start with are a camera, a tripod stand, and wide-angle zoom lenses. These are going to be your constant companions, and you’ll find yourself using them the most.

A tripod stand is essential to get stable footage, which is necessary because it separates an amateur video from a professional one. Customers don’t find rough footage from an unstable camera appealing.

Wide lenses allow you to capture larger angles of the location. This gives the impression of more open space and can help capture beautiful shots.

Apart from the basics, you might want to consider flashlights that you’ll find useful for indoor shots where the lighting might not be enough. You’re also going to need decent editing software to perk up some features of the final video.

You may have the necessary camera skills, but real estate videography can be tricky.

The first thing you want to be weary of is camera angles, especially when capturing vertical lines in a shot. The trick is to not point the camera to low or too high; this way, the straight lines will look as symmetrical as possible, and symmetry is appealing.

The next thing you should keep in mind is your camera’s dynamic range, which is how much brightness or darkness your camera can capture. This is important because you’ll be taking a lot of outside shots, and you want to be mindful of the shadows.

Once you’ve dealt with the basics, you need to figure out what bonus facilities you can offer to make the real estate stand out. Here are a couple of tips to help you secure offers:

What real estates are looking for in a video is its ability to show their location as a safe one. Whether it’s setting up an office or buying your dream house, safety comes first for everyone.

The way to earn people’s trust is by showing them other people’s experiences that they can relate to. You can do this is through testimonials of past customers of that real estate agency talking about how excellent their experience was.

Now, we admit, getting 360° cameras may be a bit more costly, but it’s an attractive feature. A 360° camera produces more immersive and engaging videos where the customers can get a better sense of the location.

As we mentioned, people look for a safer environment, which can be a bigger priority than the building or apartment itself. To show them that the society they’ll be investing in is safe, you can talk to people in the neighborhood.

The best way to show the neighborhood people in a video is by recording interviews with friendly bystanders or local restaurant owners.

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Videos are gaining a growing use in the real estate industry. If you want to become part of this, you’ll need to know your stuff.

Meanwhile, if you’re searching for a reliable and effective real estate videography service in Charlotte, NC, we will be more than happy to help you out!

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