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Interview Videos in NC Charlotte

Interview Style Videos are a powerful way to show off expertise and engage your audience. Plus, they’re easy to produce.

Recording an interview video may seem straightforward, we’re talking about a person in front of a camera right? But there’s actually a lot to consider if you want to avoid a boring look and feel. Paying attention to the content, set up, and the recording process can take your interviews from boring to dynamic.

Using Final Cut Multimedia for interview-style videos in Charlotte, NC, will take your projects to the next level!


David Stewart (How I Got Discovered) Episode 1

What is an Interview Video?

You’ve seen them on the news, late-night talk shows, and documentary films. Interview Style Videos usually focuses on one person answering questions, usually on a specific theme.

This is Filmed up close and personal, and the interviewee might be a subject matter expert or just someone with an opinion. Unscripted and authentic interview videos are a great way to lend a personal touch to a story or provide a point of view.

Benefits of Interview Videos

  • Interview videos are authentic. Interviews are the best way to get information straight from the horse’s mouth. They offer an unscripted personal take or knowledge from an expert. There’s a reason why journalism relies on interviews so heavily, and that’s the truth.

  • Interviews make for great storytelling. Would you rather hear about the moon landing from a historian, or Neil Armstrong himself? The small details and anecdotes from someone who actually lived it brings a story to life.

  • Interviews provide an inside look. Some interviews allow access to people and information that might otherwise stay behind closed doors. Celebrities, CEO’s, notable people, interviews give access, and an inside look.

  • Interview videos are easy to produce. Interview videos have barebones set up requirements. The standard one angle set-up expedites both the shoot day and the editing process. You can shoot a decent interview video with nothing more than your smartphone, but ideally, you’ll have a camera, tripod, and microphone.

  • The interview footage is great for repurposing. Interview clips add authenticity and personality to your other types of videos. You can break the interview up into short clips to use on social media, or grab quotes for case studies. You might even find a nice clip to include in a company culture video or explainer.

Where to Use Interview Videos

Interview videos are versatile and can be used throughout your business and at various stages of the funnel. They tend to work best on the following channels to boost brand awareness, explain concepts, and attract leads with industry-specific insight.


Interview videos can be sprinkled throughout your website, in Customer testimonial video hubs, on landing pages specific to the related product or event, or even the “About” section. Anywhere that an interview would help explain the information or tell the story that page is written to convey.


As engaging content. interview videos work great in email. Interviews with your CEO or industry leaders fit well in customer newsletters or internal emails to build and educate your community. Sales teams can also send interview videos featuring current customers to prospects.

1)    High-quality Equipment

Our video production at Charlotte provides the best equipment for you to record a clear HD interview.

We will advise you on suitable camera angles to get your image presented well to your potential employees.

Other services like tripod stands and static-free microphones can amp-up the quality of your videos.

2)    Backup

Even if everything goes perfectly, there’s still one major issue you can face: losing your recordings. Devices can often behave unexpectedly.

Our video production services will provide you with tech-experts who will ensure they back up your files and keep them safe.

3)    Multi-room meetings

If you want to include multiple people from your organization in your video call, we can help you with that.

Our systems allow for a seamless recording that is synced. We adapt to your needs!

The bottom line

Interviews are important. You want to make sure you hire the most compatible and deserving applicant. Use technology to your advantage and record the interviews.

Visit our video production offices in Charlotte, NC, and get your interview video services booked now!


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