Are you confused after an exhausting day of interviews? Worried that you might make the wrong call? On the fence about using video technology? Worry no more, here at Final Cut Multimedia; we have just the right interview video services to help you!

Woman being interviewed on camera

We all feel pressure when it comes to selecting the most deserving person. Not only do you want to hire the right person, but every applicant gives their best shot. A long day of interviews can cloud the final call. Here’s why video services can help and how to use them.

People have different stories and smaller details that are important for you, as a company, in deciding if they are the best for the job. Your memory or written notes can miss out on these things.

Watching the recorded interview with a clear mind and ability to rewind, can help you make better judgments.

Technology can be tricky when it comes to camera angles and audio clarity, so you should keep a couple of things in mind.

First off, make sure nobody interrupts the meeting. You can avoid interruptions by informing your staff beforehand to be mindful of opening interview rooms when conducting the interviews.

Secondly, sounds from outside can disrupt the voice of the applicants. Ensure the rooms you select for conducting the interviews are in the more isolated parts of the building. This way you won’t have to worry about the audio in the middle of the interview.

Applicants must sense professionalism in your company when interviewing. But if the equipment starts failing in the middle of the interview, it can be bad for the company’s image. So you want to make sure you’re giving this responsibility to the right people.

Here’s why our video interview services in Charlotte, NC, are the best in town:

Technology is as good as the people using it. At FC Multimedia, we have the most skilled videographers who know their way around the equipment. We ensure that we assign people with experience and skill because we understand the importance of this task.

The next step after recording the interviews is to make the recordings available to you. Many people take this lightly, but it’s very common for people to delete the footage when handling it accidentally; that’s hours wasted!

Our video services’ teams in Charlotte, NC, have experience in handling footage and converting it to a variety of formats. From soft copies that you can stream online to hard copy DVDs that you can keep with yourself, we will make sure you have the footage available timely and reliably.

DVD on top of a DVD player

Whether you’re an established company or a new and growing one, you have too much to deal with. Hiring the wrong people is the last thing you need, and the best interviews video services in Charlotte, NC have got your back!

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