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Companies need many effective strategies to survive and grow. One effective strategy is video marketing. In today’s marketing world, you need something unique and different. Your business needs an intriguing story that would persuade people to buy products or services. 

These days the audience wants something short, crisp, engaging, and yet informative. Therefore, making video marketing a part of your digital marketing strategy is beneficial for your business in the long run.

Let’s have a glimpse at the perks of video marketing!

1) Research carried out by Aberdeen Group says that companies that use video production services grow their revenue by 49% every year compared to other companies. 

2) Hubspot claims that according to 97% of talented marketers, videos help users understand products or services. In other words, videos help them with their buying decisions. 

3) People prefer videos over emails, images, or blogs. When a user considers buying something, they check Youtube for product reviews or the company’s websites for testimonials. That’s why companies use video marketing to attract customers. 

4) Video is a perfect tool to increase your website’s ranking on SERP. Dwell time is the time a visitor spends on your website. The more the dwell time, the more relevant your website is in Google’s eyes. Data from Mist Media says that the user spent maximum time on a website that has a captivating video in it. 

5) Eyeview digital says that if you put a video on your landing page,  86% conversion isn’t going anywhere. Video marketing gives you high click-through rates and conversion rates. Now, it is the aim of most businesses. 

6) Syndacast says that embedding videos in your emails increases the open rate by 19% and minimizes the number of unsubscribers by 26%. Video marketing is indeed a powerful tool and worth using. 

Final Cut Multimedia has your back! 

Final Cut Multimedia is an award-winning team of producers, creative writers, directors, editors, marketers, technologists having a mammoth passion for producing blockbuster results for every customer. Their skills and thought process are what make them different from their competitors. 

What Video Services Can You Expect from Final Cut Multimedia? 

You can consider the following video production services at Final Cut Multimedia. 

1) Corporate Video: The videographer will hear your story and produce compelling videos to meet your company’s goals. 

2) Video Editing: A video editor will edit your video by adding music and transitions. The editor will polish your video and shape the final product in your hands. 

3) Live Stream: Live Stream Technology lets the world know and join your event. With a live stream, you get a big audience, global reach, and elongate your event’s life forever. 

4) Explainer Videos: As the name suggests, these videos provide information about your product or service. 

5) Training Videos: You can train your staff with Final Cut Multimedia’s training video production services. 

6) Interview videos: Interview videos are an effective way to show your expertise to your audience. 

7) Other Videos: These include testimonials, commercials, documentary films, video spokesperson, and real estate videography. 

We bring your dreams into life. Get in touch with our team right away.