Video Marketing

There are many different marketing tools and strategies that small and large businesses are adopting. However, only a few realize the true potential of using video marketing to promote their content. This blog post will share some reasons why you need to start using video marketing.

Greater Outreach

According to some studies, 74% of people are more likely to buy your product or services if they watch a video about it. Do you know why? It’s because our brains are wired to be more attracted to visual content. We’re more likely to be influenced by what we see than what we read. Just like pictures, videos also play a vital role in boosting the engagement of your marketing content.

Return of Investment

83% of businesses accept that they’ve always received a good return of investment whenever they’ve invested in video marketing. However, research also shows that people can be put off by poor quality videos, and hence it’s extremely important to do video marketing in the right manner.

Trust Building

As humans, we are more likely to trust what we see than what we read. If we see something happening, it can have a greater impact on us. Similarly, videos can play a vital role in promoting a brand story and helping people associate themselves with a brand. The stats reveal that 57% of consumers agree that watching a video about any product or service inclines them more to buy something or at least inquire more about the product. s

Google Algorithms Promote Videos

Do you know that you’re 53 times more likely to show up higher in google ranking if you’ve video content on your website? Moreover, Google also owns YouTube, and hence it’s more likely to promote the businesses who have videos on their website or a YouTube channel where they post videos regularly.

It’s Easy to Post Videos

Once you’ve quality video content available, it doesn’t take much to upload them to various platforms. Besides uploading videos to your website and YouTube, you can also post them on Facebook and other platforms. Similarly, you can post parts of your videos on Instagram as stories to attract more users.

Professional Video Services

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